US Constitution

Restore the Constitution.

Sound Money

Audit the Fed

Possibly the most critical requirement of our Congress today is to Audit the Fed. This is absolutely essential to our monetary, fiscal, and national security. Many believe an audit would lead to a termination of the Fed completely as its financial shenanigans would be exposed, but one intermediate approach would be to eliminate taxes on competing currencies.


Spending must be cut drastically across the board; deficit spending should be eliminated. The debt ceiling must not be raised any further in an effort to kick the can down the road for our posterity yet again.

Balanced Budget

It is clear that a balanced budget amendment has become a requirement for the long-term security of the US. American families are expected to operate on balanced budgets, and 49 out of the 50 states have some form of balanced budget amendment; we should demand that the federal government do the same.


The optimal solution would be to repeal the Sixteenth (16th) Amendment; scrap the IRS code, abolish the income tax, and replace it with nothing. However, a flat tax or Fair Tax of no more than 25% (ideally no more than 10%) would be a step in the right direction. The Fair Tax would simplify and basically eliminate the current leviathan tax code, decreasing the burden on individuals and small businesses. It would place an emphasis on savings (the wealth of a country), as individuals would have an added incentive to contemplate their own spending. And it would spur economic growth and return jobs to the US, as corporations scramble to invest in the return of industry.

No matter what, taxes should be decreased and eliminated across the board, both individual and corporate. Corporations are comprised of individuals, and corporate taxes are merely passed on to the consumer in the form of increased prices.

Free Markets

Corporate Welfare

I will work to eliminate and repeal all subsidies, bailouts, and other free market-killing legislation; plain and simple.


One of the greatest reasons the citizens of this great nation have allowed our current monstrosity of regulations and bureaucracy to come about is a prevailing, fundamental misunderstanding of free markets. Regulations almost always have the opposite effect of what they (supposedly) intend. A system of excessive government intervention in the markets is more accurately known as corporatism, fascism, or euphemistically, "state" capitalism. Pure capitalism, on the other hand, is actually an extremely populist ideology. In capitalism, with no barriers to market, the little guy always gets the market price; if sellers inflate, entrepreneurs undercut. Corporations are still held accountable for any harm or damages through our legal system, just as they are today. I would work with and for small businesses to (sensibly) repeal as many requirements, mountains of paperwork, and barriers to entry as possible from the regulatory cesspool.

Non-interventionist Foreign Policy

End the Wars

The US' stated military mission in the Middle East was to bring to justice those who perpetrated 9/11. Osama bin Laden and his cronies are now dead. The US military has now been engaged abroad over a decade. How much longer will we allow ourselves to be stretched too thin? I will vocally demand an immediate end to all wars and conflicts the US is currently engaged in overseas. The US must now focus on defending its own borders, which are being attacked and invaded every day - particularly in the southwest, where US citizens are being terrorized by Mexican cartels.

Uphold Constitutional War Powers

Enforce Constitutional requirement for declaration of war, and consequently, the War Powers Resolution, both of which have been trampled on by many administrations since World War II. Use the Constitutionally accorded method of Letters of Marque and Reprisal if necessary to capture specific foreign enemies instead of invading or assaulting sovereign states without permission.

Foreign Bases

The cost to maintain hundreds of foreign military bases is astronomical and must be eliminated, not to mention anachronistic to the non-interventionist spirit our founders envisioned.

Foreign Welfare

I will call for an end to all foreign welfare. The US people can choose to send money overseas on an individual basis, but the US must concentrate on strengthening its own economy before others.

Individual Liberty


The US must demand a complete repeal of Obamacare, NOT Republicans' plan for "Repeal and Replace" (which Republicans misled their constituents on anyways), if it wishes to avert a public, rationed system the likes of other second-rate countries. We must deregulate/free up the healthcare industry and let the free market drive costs back down.

Civil Liberties

The PATRIOT Act, TSA groping/radiating, and all other Big Brother actions should cease immediately. The Fourth (4th) Amendment has not been repealed, and as such, all warrantless searches and invasions condoned and conducted by the Feds are not only blatantly un-Constitutional, but treasonous.

Gun Rights

The evidence is proven beyond dispute that a well-armed people is a well-defended people, and in areas where gun ownership is high, violent crime is low. As a Virginia citizen, I exercised my right to open carry everywhere I went. Florida open carry laws are now being considered, and I would strongly support them.


I personally hold the pro-life position and believe that Roe v. Wade should be overturned as the fetus has its own DNA, blood type, and heartbeat, generally after only 3 weeks; however, at this time I would advocate for transferring abortion laws to the States instead of the Feds, as that is the best chance to begin restoring the pro-life position.

Social Security

Social Security should be privatized, should allow opt-outs, and should honor commitments to all those who have paid in.

Private Property

We should restore allodial title, cease the use of eminent domain to transfer private property from one private entity to another, and work to curtail/restrict its application as much as possible.

Privacy & Non-Aggression

If what you do affects no one else, the government should stay out of it... period.

Constitutional Government


I will endorse the “Read the Bills Act” (72 hour rule), “Enumerated Powers Act” (Constitutional authorization), “One Subject at a Time Act”, "Write the Laws Act", and other compliance, responsibility, and transparency legislation.

Power of the Purse

The Constitution delegates the "Power of the Purse" to Congress as a way to limit executive power. Due to legislation such as the National Industrial Recovery Act as well as further legislation and exponential expansion of executive agencies since then, this specifically enumerated power of Congress has eroded over time. I will endorse legislation to repeal such un-Constitutional acts and restore this Constitutional check and balance against runaway executive spending.

States' Rights

I support nullification and other states' rights legislation. I support repealing the state power-eroding Seventeenth (17th) Amendment.

Sovereignty & Foreign Entanglements

I will vocally and powerfully demand that the United States of America move to exit international organizations aimed at ceding US sovereignty such as the UN, IMF, WTO, and other foreign entanglements.


Term Limits

Too often, the populace becomes complacent, voting on name recognition only; meanwhile, those citizens remaining active in the pursuit of liberty are repeatedly subjected to stale representation. It has become clear that the longer politicians remain in DC, the more out-of-touch they become. I would support term limits for Congressmen. Just as there must be turnover in the Oval Office, there must also be turnover in the Capitol. For that matter, I would support term limits in the Supreme Court as well!

In fact, Florida's term limits solution is very intuitive; House members are limited to four consecutive terms, while Senators are limited to two consecutive terms. Former members can be elected again after a two year break. This brings fresh ideas to the table at reasonable intervals. One unique idea regarding term limits for Supreme Court Justices would be staggered, revolving 9-year terms. This would effectively bring a new face to the Court about every year.


People across the world want to come to the United States to make a greater life for themselves. However, they cannot do so at the expense of others. Illegal immigrants enjoy the blessings of our society without contributing anything back in the form of taxes. This must be stopped by securing the border and reducing the welfare state.

Congressional Pay

I would support freezing and decreasing Congressional salary. Historically, Congressman was a title bestowed on the honorable patriot, not those looking to be well taken care of on the taxpayer dime. Congressional salaries should be in line with the median US household income.

Constitutional Conventions

I would support amending the Constitution to allow Constitutional Conventions to be called for specific reasons or issues if agreed upon among the States (such as term limits). As it is, Constitutional Conventions (or "Con-Cons") cannot be called for specific reasons and would be open to hijacking for nefarious means.

Executive Orders

The vast majority of Executive Orders should be revoked. Executive Orders have often been abused in a manner reminiscent of the unilateral decrees or edicts of monarchs and tyrants ("stroke of the pen, law of the land"), but were never intended to have any application outside of a minimal, Constitutionally-delineated area of authority.

Constitution Test

All U.S. politicians and federal employees (including military as possible) should be required to take a yearly class and test on the Constitution. They must remember who they work for and the oath they are bound by.


You agree on what needs to be done. But does my opponent?