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The Fretts Perspective

The Fretts Perspective will be a source for articles, addresses, position papers, responses, and other observations from Calen.

Oppose nepotism within the ruling class

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is a Latin phrase meaning "Who will guard the guards themselves?" - or, more commonly, “Who watches the watchmen?” It is often used to refer to the problem of those in the ruling class exempting themselves from the law.

One example of this is insider trading. For many years, Congress exempted itself from insider trading laws that would land “normal” citizens like you and I in jail if we broke them. Since 2006, the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act has been introduced in every session of Congress.

Your current Congressman, Jeff Miller, never spoke up. Now that the insider trading issue has made national headlines and it's politically expedient to do so, Congress has reconsidered the STOCK Act – a watered down version that won't do much to fix the problem.

Congressman Miller jumped on the bandwagon, but it's too late – we know where he stands.

The ruling class is not only comprised of politicians, though. It includes all those given special privileges by those who make the laws. These cronies include bureaucrats, bankers, and some corporations with special interests who pull favors and pony up money to pass legislation with no-bid contracts and other tricks that crowd out competition.

This time around, choose someone who will play by the rules and stand up for the rule of law. That law is the Constitution, and that someone is me.

Resist your captivity!

Many years ago some people were kidnapped in Stockholm, Sweden and held captive by criminals. With time, the captives actually began to like their violent captors, and when the police finally came to free them, they resisted the rescue attempt in defense of their new, nefarious friends. This curious situation is now called "Stockholm Syndrome."

Today's political incumbents and the establishment two-party system have you in captivity. Your current Congressman, Jeff Miller, thinks he's got the 2012 election in the bag already, and that his voting record – even though it's for more government and less freedom – doesn't matter. It is your job to prove him wrong.

Congress recently hit its lowest approval rating in history. At 9%, it is in single digits, for the first time ever. People across America are realizing that they are not being served by the revolving two-party system which inevitably results in party politics, political favors, polarization, lots of rhetoric, and no improvement.

The question is, will people do something about it? Will you do something about it?

Congressman Miller has repeatedly shown that he is unwilling to follow the Constitution. Your only recourse is to vote him out. If you don't, how can you complain when he continues to follow the status quo?

Don't let Congress take more of your liberty away!

Hello again, my name is Calen Fretts and I'm running for U.S. Congress in Northwest Florida.

Who owns your body? If you answered "Myself!" - this is for you. If you didn't, this is especially for you!

All of your natural rights, including rights recognized in the Constitution, derive from the simple fact that you - no one else - own yourself. Your body is your property; you've owned it since birth and you can't give it away (it's unalienable). This idea is called self-ownership.

As a result of this natural right, you have inherent rights to things like privacy, due process, and freedom to travel - just for starters.

But your current Congressman, Jeff Miller, has lost sight of this fact - or perhaps he never understood it in the first place. Over the past decade, he has voted to let the federal government:

  • spy on your communications via the Patriot Act;
  • search your property, look at, and even touch your naked body as a condition of travel via the TSA;
  • prohibit you from traveling without providing any cause or recourse via the TSA's no-fly list;
  • and, most recently, to indefinitely detain you in military prison without trial via the NDAA.

Need I go on? These things are all being done right now to innocent, everyday Americans, just like (and probably including) you. This is without any warrants or court decisions, mind you - all blatant violations of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Is the role of government to uphold the Constitution... or to continually defy it, like Congressman Miller?

Adding insult to injury, these rogue federal programs often times fail at their stated purpose; at best, they provide the illusion of security, while trampling all over our liberties.

If you want a Representative in U.S. Congress who will defend your rights instead of offending them, please donate what you can to my campaign today - every dollar helps. Stay tuned for more information.

Refuse to let your money (and future) be used to buy someone else's vote!

Hi, my name is Calen Fretts and I'm running for U.S. Congress in Northwest Florida. Over the next month, I'd like to share with you the reasons I decided to run.

I believe that you have the right to spend your money as you see fit. I believe you have the right to control your future, too.

But your current Congressman, Jeff Miller, thinks the government is better at spending money - at your expense. He recently voted for a $2,000,000,000,000+ (that's two trillion dollars) debt limit increase, at President Obama's request. That's new debt totaling at least $6,666 per man, woman, and child in America.

In fact, for over a decade now Congressman Miller has been in DC voting for more debt and more spending with your money and your future.

You deserve better, and everyone knows it. That's why I decided to throw my hat in the ring and stand up for the common man. I realize that the status quo system of perpetual debt is harming this great country in critical areas, threatening its very foundation. It doesn't have to be this way.

We can reestablish a monetary system that doesn't devalue your dollar by 95%, as the Federal Reserve has done since its inception in 1913.

We can quit enslaving your children and grandchildren into tens of thousands of dollars in debt right from birth. The U.S. now owes foreign governments $5 trillion - we don't have to owe them anything at all.

We can transition to a more voluntary tax system like the FairTax, eliminating loopholes and favoritism - along with the IRS!

Real improvement in government is possible. All it takes is a voice of reason calling out loudly on the floor of Congress, and the belief that we can restore common sense to government. I will be that voice, and I will take that belief to DC.

[watch on YouTube]

Today we observe Presidents Day, a federal holiday originally enacted by Congress in 1879 to honor President George Washington's birthday (the holiday was then simply named "Washington's Birthday"). It is customary on this holiday for the United States Senate to read George Washington's "Farewell Address" on the Senate floor. But presenting the Farewell Address in light of Congress' recent manner of conduct seems disingenuous, and an insult to its author.

The Address begins with Washington's refusal of a third Presidential term. Though no laws prevented it at the time, and though he was pressured into assuming the Presidency again by many of his peers and the American people, Washington declined to set a monarchical precedent and instead insisted that new faces and new ideas be brought into the fold. Au contraire, Congress now consists of lifelong, career politicians whose apparent primary goal is to stay in office and guarantee their more-than-comfortable taxpayer salary. Term limits? An alien concept to those now in power, despite their rhetoric.

Washington then warns the American people against the power of political parties and the polarization they induce. Though he concedes that there is a natural need among people to organize behind values, he is quick to point out that all too often, political parties become institutions of control, manipulation, and vengeance. What could be more prescient? Today a "left-right" political environment has been crafted, predicated upon the ability to keep the American people pointing at each other and across the aisle, instead of allowing these issues to be seen in the proper context of Congress and the government as a whole, where the blame belongs. No more is there any underlying principle which separates the Republican and Democrat politicians in DC. As the late George Carlin aptly stated, "It's a big club, and you ain't in it."

General Washington continues by stating the importance of checks and balances and separation of powers as a means of preventing tyranny. But both current parties have been complicit in eroding these very fundamental principles of America. Both parties in Congress granted authoritarian powers to President Bush in the Patriot Act, and more recently to Obama in the National Defense Authorization Act, to circumvent the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments (as well as the entire judicial branch) and violate Americans' fundamental natural rights. Laws like these gave the executive branch powers to listen in on phone calls of innocent Americans without a warrant, to seize their bank records, and now to indefinitely detain them without trial or due process, powers given nowhere in the Constitution. And these are only two examples. What's next?

The "Father of our country" then articulates support for a balanced federal budget. But the Senate has not even passed a budget whatsoever in over 1000 days. The House is content with borrowing (and deficit spending) 43 cents on the dollar. This is a group of people who have okayed government spending $40,000 of taxpayer money every second. The thought of Congress seriously considering the possibility of a "balanced budget" seems a remote possibility at best.

Interestingly enough, the largest part of the Farewell Address is spent discussing foreign relations. Washington advocates a policy of good faith, justice, and neutrality towards all nations. He warns that long-term attitudes of hostility (or, conversely, exaggerated alliance) will cloud the nation's judgment in international affairs. A far cry from the situation of war (without Constitutionally-mandated declaration) against the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan, and sanctions (acts of war) against the people of Iran and Cuba, and entangling alliances, and hundreds of billions of foreign aid, and hundreds of military bases around the world, which Congress and the President has dragged our nation into today.

Government was intended to embrace public servitude, not societal architecture. Their role is to enforce the rule of law, not to tell us and others what to do and how to live.

Does Congress believe in the advice of our Founding Fathers, such as George Washington, or not? "By their fruit you will recognize them." It seems clear that the current assembly of politicians will only continue to give lip service to the political, economic, social, and foreign policies espoused by the framers, whom set up the most magnificent form of government in the history of mankind; that which the current officeholders are, intentionally or not, subverting.

It seems the Senate has confused "Farewell" with the last name of their favorite modern author. Perhaps this year they should consider reading from Congress' new playbook, George Orwell's "1984", instead.

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