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The Fretts Perspective

The Fretts Perspective will be a source for articles, addresses, position papers, responses, and other observations from Calen.

Transitioning from "invasions of privacy" to "assaults on freedom"

On February 03, 2012, Our Congressman voted for H.R.658, FAA Reauthorization and Reform Act of 2011 (House Roll Call #33). This bill has sparked nationwide outrage because it actually allows government agencies across the U.S. to fly aerial drones domestically. One article entitled "Drones over U.S. get OK by Congress" made the following observation:

The [FAA] projects that 30,000 drones could be in the nation’s skies by 2020. The highest-profile use of drones by the United States has been in the CIA’s armed Predator-drone program, which targets al Qaeda terrorist leaders.

Aside from concerns that this bill violates the Posse Comitatus Act, which prohibits military operations within the United States, there is much angst that drones will be used to spy on American citizens, or worse. Remember, there is already precedent for using Predator drones to kill U.S. citizens without due process.

For what reason, and by whose authority, does the federal government continue to circumvent the rule of law? The Constitution does not allow for such infringements on our natural rights; these dangers can only be enabled by indiscriminate politicians, such as Our Congressman, who are supposed to defend our rights rather than repeatedly violate them.

Calen Fretts' "Candidate Forum"

Q: What is your position on the Janey Ensminger Act?
A: The Janey Ensminger Act is a long-overdue effort to rectify the issue of contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune from 1957-1987. This led to the tragic suffering and suspected deaths of countless Marines and their families, but the affliction still has not been made right for the victims. Our United States military veterans and their families deserve better.

I fully support the Janey Ensminger Act and find it an outright shame that Congress, much less the very Chairman of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, has outright ignored the damage done to so many veterans and their families at Camp Lejeune.

What is the purpose of our government if not to make right the injustices done to the undeserving, or for that matter, those who would lay down their lives in the very name of justice, as our servicemen? Have no doubt that, if and when I am elected, I will be a vocal advocate of all who were affected by the Camp Lejeune contamination, and any other such disasters now and in the future.

Our Congressman, Indebted

On August 01, 2011, Our Congressman voted for S.365, Budget Control Act of 2011 (House Roll Call #690). This is the infamous bill approving President Obama's request for a debt increase of well over 2 trillion dollars, as well as creating the un-Constitutional, poorly conceived, and utterly failed "Supercommittee."

The new debt amounts to at least $6,666 per U.S. citizen. The financial future of ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren is being robbed, and as the value of the dollar falls and prices increase it will lead to more poverty and a diminished quality of life. The middle class - which represents the strength of our nation - will dwindle, and national security will be endangered.

This is nothing new from Our Congressman, who voted to increase the debt every year from 2002-2005. Except this time, he ensured voters at his own town hall meeting that he would not vote for the new debt increase "unless there is [sic] some ironclad spending restrictions and resolutions" (the video remains on his own YouTube channel, entitled "Congressman Jeff Miller speaking on the National Debt").

Additionally, by approving the "Supercommittee," Our Congressman abdicated his Constitutional duty to debate these bills on the floor of Congress. Instead, he was content to allow a small "bipartisan" group to attempt to do his job for him behind closed doors - a job which they too failed at, throwing their hands up and quitting without coming to any solution whatsoever. So much for those "ironclad spending restrictions."

You won't see this kind of behavior from Congressman Fretts. Instead of piling even more debt on the American people, I will introduce, support, and vote for bills which eliminate spending. All deficit spending must end immediately. The budget must be recalibrated to what the federal government took in this year - $2.4 trillion - which only goes back to 2005 spending levels. Furthermore, the budget should be balanced going forward, and we should strive for surpluses to pay down the debt.

No new debt, no new spending. Period.

Calen Fretts' "Candidate Forum"

Q: How do you plan to beat both the Republican and the Democrat in November?
A: The Republican incumbent has a big-spending, pro-government voting record a mile long. The only thing that needs to be done to beat him is to expose this reality and give people the choice. We live in such an exceedingly conservative district that there is virtually no chance of "splitting the vote". So, what do the citizens want? A real fiscal conservative such as myself, or a fake conservative like the incumbent?

Perhaps a more pertinent question is this: Why doesn't the Congressman, whose constant votes for more debt and less freedom goes against the wishes even of constituents within his own party, withdraw from the race and make way for a true Constitutionalist like Calen Fretts?

District 1 makes statement

What would you think of a sitting, ten-year, Congressional incumbent who sends mail out to voters across the district in an effort to get himself on the ballot, but cannot get 2300 of them to do so?

That's what happened to the current Congressman, Jeff Miller. He had to pay (a little over $10,000) to get his sixth shot at the job of U.S. Representative for the First District.

It seems as if Mr. Miller didn't do his job well enough to get even a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of Republicans in this District to return a petition.

On the other hand, Fretts For Congress did it with a relatively small team and less than one half of one percent of the voting base. Of course, most people think Libertarian, even though they are told over and over again they have to vote Republican.

Jeff Miller either thought getting petitions from his constituents was not important, or that it would be easy. Either way he was wrong, and now his campaign has a lot to pay.

Of course, that probably doesn't bother him much. If not even a couple thousand people like him enough to get him on the ballot by signing petitions, he'll just fork over the ten grand. After all, he calls himself a conservative but votes for massive debt and fewer liberties for you and me. He has tons of campaign money stored up, and likely access to an endless supply of reserves from his party establishment at the drop of a hat. What's ten grand to him?

You don't have to take it anymore. Your best interest is when your representative worries about your rights, your economic freedom, and keeping a leash on government, as I am. Your best interest is served when your Representative works for you. As I've often said, the government has put chains on the people and Calen Fretts is on a mission to reverse that trend.

And as opposed to my opponent, who is betrayed by his own voting record... that's not just lip service.

The final ballot:

  • Fretts, Calen (LIB)
  • Miller, Jeff (REP)
  • Bryan, Jim (DEM)

Calen Fretts' "Candidate Forum"

From now until the election in November, I will periodically be publicly addressing constituents' questions on various relevant federal issues and policies via this newsletter. If you would like to submit a topic for consideration, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with the phrase "CF Question" in the subject or body, along with your question. Your name and other info will not be used in the public response. I look forward to hearing from you!

Memorial Day Reflections

Once a year, on this solemn day, we take time from our busy lives to commemorate thousands of soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who gave their lives in defense of our nation and our way of life. One day of remembrance is a small thing to give to those who sacrificed so much.

I am no longer a private citizen, or I would not presume to address others on such a day. I aim to represent the valorous men of our military, both the living and the dead, in the halls of Congress, and to do justice to their memory. I seek the mantle of responsibility to assist and provide for those who defend our freedoms. Just as it is their duty to serve, it is my duty to speak.

I am not a veteran, and I cannot presume to understand the scars war has left on soldiers who have lost fellow comrades in arms. But I can listen, and humbly know that my own weak voice cannot lend any strength to the resounding chorus of our honored dead. I can try to appreciate the depth of their devotion to those left behind, and to do right by all.

These words may be hard to some, but as Patrick Henry said, "For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it."

Memorial Day is not only about the past, but about the future. It is up to us to make sure the noble legacy of our armed forces, and the people who served in them, is not cheapened through time.

But a cheapened legacy is what we see.

We see it whenever our leaders betray liberty for security.

We see it when our country spends far more than can be sustained, even for defense.

We see it when the principles that built the Republic are not maintained, but exploited for short term gain; when the rule of law is sacrificed in the name of emergency.

It is preposterous to assume that the very same people who gave their lives for their families and buddies would accept losing the wealth and liberty of their own posterity today. It is absurd to think they would accept arbitrarily or capriciously going to war. But that is what many leaders ask of us in our beloved America today.

The best way to honor the dead is to not let their sacrifice be in vain. On this Memorial Day let us ask ourselves: Who, among those who have given everything, fought for fewer freedoms, massive debt and endless war?

Then let us resolve to set things right again.

Getting your taxes' worth?

With April 15 - Tax Day - just around the corner, it is worth asking the question: are you getting what you pay for when it comes to government? If what you want is more debt, more government control, and less freedom, the answer is yes.

If however you believe in Individual Rights, Free Markets, and Limited Government – as most Americans do – then it's time to start afresh. Recent polls have shown satisfaction with our politicians in Congress at an all-time low; the time for revolt at the ballot box is now.

You see, Congressman Jeff Miller has, time and again, publicly denounced the President and then turned around and handed vastly more authority and more control to him - in the form of trillions of dollars in debt ceiling increases and dangerous new powers like the NDAA and Patriot Act extensions - at your expense. America and its Constitution cannot afford this sort of political demolition any longer.

That's why I want to represent Florida's First District in Congress. It is time for a return to ideals of public servitude and statesmanship, instead of concentrated government control and coercion. It is time to restore the Constitution. It is time to restore the Republic.

But I can't do it without your help. My fellow citizens here in the Panhandle must be a beacon of hope, not only for the rest of Florida, but also for America. We must show that our current out-of-control government will not be tolerated any longer.  We must show that we are ready for a new direction, one of restraint, principle, and individual sovereignty.

Imagine if Congress had a different outlook. “Satisfaction Guaranteed... or Your Tax Money Back!” Of course, this sort of attitude will never be taken seriously by our current crop of politicians – which is why they must all be voted out, including Congressman Miller.

Let's restore our federal government to one of, by, and for We the People. This year, let's vote in civil servants who have their priorities straight: obey the Constitution and protect the rights (and wallets) of all citizens. That's how it was supposed to be all along.

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