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The Price of Liberty...

The price of liberty really is eternal vigilance, and that applies to Congress too.

When you go vote this year I'll ask you to take note of the abbreviations you see next to most names on the ballot. For example, next to my name, Calen Fretts, you will see "LBT" - that represents "Liberty." And next to my opponent's name, Jeff Miller, you ought to see a "5T" - for the $5,000,000,000,000+ (over five trillion dollars) in debt he has put his stamp of approval on over his last 11 years in office. This is despite Jeff Miller's repeated, contradictory statements over the years that he is actually against more debt. If so, stop voting for it.

If there's one thing I know, it's that trillions of dollars in debt is not "conservative," despite the Congressman's claims. And it certainly isn't what our nation needs anymore.

But if it wasn't a "5T" then maybe it would be an "NDAA." That's the National Defense Authorization Act, which gave President Obama illegal powers to indefinitely detain American citizens without trial. Perhaps it could be "TSA" - the Transportation Security Administration and its naked-body radiation scanners and invasive body searches by federal agents as a condition of travel.

One possibility could be "FDA." Our Congressman voted to absolve medical corporations of lawsuits from people like you and I, no matter how harmful their products, simply because they got approval from the Food and Drug Administration. Or it might even be a "UN," for the billions of your taxpayer dollars Jeff Miller recently voted to use to continue funding the United Nations and international ‘peacekeeping’ operations.

How much more infringement on your wealth and your liberties will Congressman Miller vote for in the future?

In one of our recent debates, Jeff Miller actually said it is not his job to ensure that laws he writes and votes for are Constitutional. He said that was the job of the Courts. Watch the debate for yourself. This attitude led us to the big problems we have today. We need people in Congress who believe in the Constitution and won't bribe you with your own tax money.

The choice is simple: You can vote for the 5T, the NDAA, the TSA, the FDA, and the UN. Or, you can opt for Liberty. You know where I stand.

See you at the polls!