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Real Economic Freedom Brings Prosperity

One of the essential keys to a booming economy is the success of small business. It is small businesses that create approximately two-thirds of the nation's net new jobs. As an entrepreneur of many years in the web development field, I understand the struggles small businesses go though. Most of these struggles could be mitigated or outright eliminated by simply getting government out of the way.

Government does not create jobs; in fact, whenever it interferes in the free market beyond its fundamental role of prosecuting force and fraud, it has the opposite effect of destroying jobs. Yet both Democrat and Republican politicians, such as our district's Congressman Jeff Miller, talk constantly about "creating jobs." They intend to do this through various forms of market interference such as granting special favors to some businesses or industries or special interest groups, or making business and hiring practices "fair," or some other supposedly well-intentioned and benevolent means. What these politicians do not understand is that capitalism free of such government "solutions" is in fact the only way to solve the problem.

Permits, licensing, and "fees" (in the form of taxes) are a favorite form of government protectionism. It is in fact large corporations who often lobby for these requirements, as it is they who can afford to comply while keeping the "little guy" out. But in a free market, there is a much better regulator: the consumer. When consumers are free to vote for the best product with their dollar, everybody wins - except those who profited from big-government protectionism. One method of getting outdated, bad laws such as these off the books would be to introduce a federal sunset provision, where all federal legislation expires after a period of 10 or 20 years.

Of course, the most hated time of year in the small business world is April. Business income is taxed, personal income is taxed, compounded on top of property taxes, sales taxes throughout the year, and more; not to mention the tax on your time, filling out paperwork to submit to the IRS. The proportion of your wealth that the government takes from you throughout the year is colossal; many estimates put the total well over 50%. Indeed, many politicians love passing temporary tax cuts, as this is always sure to keep the lobbyists coming back with more and more cash. But all of these taxes should be permanently repealed and replaced with one simple, Constitutional excise tax: the FairTax. Though this would put thousands of IRS agents out of a job, it would allow businesses to create new and useful jobs many times over.

Republican politicians do a lot of talking about lowering taxes, eliminating burdensome regulations, and decreasing government, but it never seems to happen. When it comes to really being sincere about getting government out of all facets of your life, there is no greater friend than a Libertarian.