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Vote Libertarian!

Government is incompetent. That's a phrase everyone has heard, and most tend to agree with. But at one thing politicians have proven adept: getting reelected.

It is not just politicians who know how to stay in power, it is the whole political system. The two major parties have perfected the art of "good cop, bad cop;" when one party introduces a new, harmful, and possibly radical policy into the discussion, the other party is always there to put forth their own slightly less (or more) radical versions of the same harmful policies. The end result is a constant trend away from the Constitution and the rule of law, and toward statism and the rule of men. The only real difference is how hard the gas pedal is being pushed at any given time. With about one-third of one billion Americans, it is really possible that everyone thinks in only two political parties?

The question is, how are politicians able to stay in power so often when their perpetual incompetency is so widely understood? By bribing you with your own money. By tricking voters into believing that this time things will change. By convincing voters to vote for the "lesser of two evils" instead of the actual best candidate for the job. By selling the fiction that the only way to fix issues is "from within" rather than "taking your business elsewhere" to a party that truly represents your interests. This has been the trajectory of the United States over the past century, and just look at the rapidly declining state of economy, freedom, and the rule of law in our once great country.

When politicians violate their oath of office to uphold the Constitution, or their pledges to their constituents, they must be ejected from office at the ballot box. Otherwise they (and we) become more complacent with failure, and the state of the nation will continue to deteriorate. Libertarians want competition in all aspects of government. The Republicans and Democrats are about preventing competition through the law. This hurts us as a nation. The two-party system is chock-full of status quo politicians who have created the majority of the national problems they now claim to be able to solve. They could not see the current calamity coming and have no idea what to do now that it is here. Vote Libertarian!