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The best national defense is in economic responsibility.

In a newsletter on August 5, 2012, Our Congressman referred to issues surrounding supposed automatic budget cuts which will take effect at the beginning of next year. Interestingly enough, he discussed the "national debt of more than $16 trillion," of which he voted for almost 1/3, and the "deficit exceeding $1 trillion for the fourth consecutive year," which he repeatedly helped create. The best national defense starts with sustainable fiscal and economic strength, and when it comes to borrowing and spending (which weakens the U.S.), Jeff Miller has made his bed with the rest of the big-government statists in Washington, while telling you he is against them.

For example: the Navy has requested funding for nine DDG-51 Destroyers, but Congress appropriated funds for 10 of them. The Quigley of Illinois Amendment would have defunded the extra appropriations and saved almost $1 billion, but Congressman Miller voted against it. As fiscal conservative Congressman Justin Amash stated, "Congress should stop forcing equipment on the Armed Forces that they haven't requested and say they don't need."

Our own Congressman seems to have a penchant for directing our Armed Forces against their will. If he can't even come to cut a relatively minor $1 billion on something the Navy doesn't even want, how can we expect fiscal sanity elsewhere? Something's got to give.

Our Congressman also talks about the "failure of last fall’s “super-committee” to find the required savings without raising job-crushing taxes," but Congressman Miller himself joins in this utter failure as he voted for it! Not to mention, as I noted in a recent article, Congressman Miller voted to sell you out to Big Pharma in the same piece of legislation he now boasts.

Jeff Miller publicly criticizes policies he takes part in, and votes for, all the time. Your constituents deserve better, and that's why I'm coming for your job, Congressman Miller.