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Crashing the System

In a newsletter on July 19, 2012, Jeff Miller criticized the “Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act,” better known as "Obamacare," as being "anything but affordable." Our Congressman talks a good game, but don't be fooled; his anti-Obamacare rhetoric has nothing to do with ideological opposition in forcing individuals to comply with government demands. The Congressman's actions over the past 10 years have repeatedly shown that he is perfectly content to compel citizens to act as he thinks best, as long as he is making the rules.

One would be hard-pressed to find instances where Our Congressman has vocally and aggressively advocated policies for significantly reducing government intervention and monopolization of the healthcare industry. This could be done in a myriad of ways. Allow purchases across state and even international lines. Get DC bureaucrats out of programs like Medicare and Medicaid and let the States handle these issues. Repeal EMTALA and allow hospitals to deal on an individual basis with those who can't pay for services rendered, instead of forcing all citizens to pay indirectly through exponentially rising annual rates. EMTALA requires hospitals to treat illegal aliens who can't pay, too.

Instead, Our Congressman votes to immunize Big Pharma from punitive damages for any wrongful harm caused by their FDA-approved products, up to and including death. Who is served by this?

Even when it comes to the new regulations, Our Congressman reiterates his intent to "repeal and replace Obamacare." Replace it with what, you might ask? The answer is, whatever version of government healthcare Jeff Miller wants. And the version of government healthcare that Jeff Miller has signed on to includes the Pre-Existing Conditions mandate, by the way. Yes, the same Pre-Existing Conditions mandate that President Obama himself admitted was akin to forcing car insurance companies to provide coverage on vehicles after they are already crashed.

The obvious truth is that government intervention itself, over many decades, has put the whole U.S. healthcare system on a collision course. And it will all come crashing down all-too-soon if Presidents and Congressmen do not cease and desist their meddling in industries they do not understand and have no authority over, and instead let individuals solve such matters voluntarily in the free market.

If Jeff Miller wants to make a point about fixing healthcare, maybe he should start by following his own advice. Obamacare and MillerCare are not so different, after all.