Our Congressman, Indebted

On August 01, 2011, Our Congressman voted for S.365, Budget Control Act of 2011 (House Roll Call #690). This is the infamous bill approving President Obama's request for a debt increase of well over 2 trillion dollars, as well as creating the un-Constitutional, poorly conceived, and utterly failed "Supercommittee."

The new debt amounts to at least $6,666 per U.S. citizen. The financial future of ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren is being robbed, and as the value of the dollar falls and prices increase it will lead to more poverty and a diminished quality of life. The middle class - which represents the strength of our nation - will dwindle, and national security will be endangered.

This is nothing new from Our Congressman, who voted to increase the debt every year from 2002-2005. Except this time, he ensured voters at his own town hall meeting that he would not vote for the new debt increase "unless there is [sic] some ironclad spending restrictions and resolutions" (the video remains on his own YouTube channel, entitled "Congressman Jeff Miller speaking on the National Debt").

Additionally, by approving the "Supercommittee," Our Congressman abdicated his Constitutional duty to debate these bills on the floor of Congress. Instead, he was content to allow a small "bipartisan" group to attempt to do his job for him behind closed doors - a job which they too failed at, throwing their hands up and quitting without coming to any solution whatsoever. So much for those "ironclad spending restrictions."

You won't see this kind of behavior from Congressman Fretts. Instead of piling even more debt on the American people, I will introduce, support, and vote for bills which eliminate spending. All deficit spending must end immediately. The budget must be recalibrated to what the federal government took in this year - $2.4 trillion - which only goes back to 2005 spending levels. Furthermore, the budget should be balanced going forward, and we should strive for surpluses to pay down the debt.

No new debt, no new spending. Period.

Calen Fretts' "Candidate Forum"

Q: How do you plan to beat both the Republican and the Democrat in November?
A: The Republican incumbent has a big-spending, pro-government voting record a mile long. The only thing that needs to be done to beat him is to expose this reality and give people the choice. We live in such an exceedingly conservative district that there is virtually no chance of "splitting the vote". So, what do the citizens want? A real fiscal conservative such as myself, or a fake conservative like the incumbent?

Perhaps a more pertinent question is this: Why doesn't the Congressman, whose constant votes for more debt and less freedom goes against the wishes even of constituents within his own party, withdraw from the race and make way for a true Constitutionalist like Calen Fretts?