District 1 makes statement

What would you think of a sitting, ten-year, Congressional incumbent who sends mail out to voters across the district in an effort to get himself on the ballot, but cannot get 2300 of them to do so?

That's what happened to the current Congressman, Jeff Miller. He had to pay (a little over $10,000) to get his sixth shot at the job of U.S. Representative for the First District.

It seems as if Mr. Miller didn't do his job well enough to get even a fraction of the hundreds of thousands of Republicans in this District to return a petition.

On the other hand, Fretts For Congress did it with a relatively small team and less than one half of one percent of the voting base. Of course, most people think Libertarian, even though they are told over and over again they have to vote Republican.

Jeff Miller either thought getting petitions from his constituents was not important, or that it would be easy. Either way he was wrong, and now his campaign has a lot to pay.

Of course, that probably doesn't bother him much. If not even a couple thousand people like him enough to get him on the ballot by signing petitions, he'll just fork over the ten grand. After all, he calls himself a conservative but votes for massive debt and fewer liberties for you and me. He has tons of campaign money stored up, and likely access to an endless supply of reserves from his party establishment at the drop of a hat. What's ten grand to him?

You don't have to take it anymore. Your best interest is when your representative worries about your rights, your economic freedom, and keeping a leash on government, as I am. Your best interest is served when your Representative works for you. As I've often said, the government has put chains on the people and Calen Fretts is on a mission to reverse that trend.

And as opposed to my opponent, who is betrayed by his own voting record... that's not just lip service.

The final ballot:

Calen Fretts' "Candidate Forum"

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