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In this new hour-long interview, Calen discusses numerous topics including the flawed philosophy of dividing freedom into "economic" and "social" issues, Constitutional foreign policy, the rule of law, NDAA/Patriot Act, tax reform, how the free market works, the Second Amendment, States' rights, breaking the two-party system, and much more.

Calen Fretts was featured in this month's nationally distributed LP News publication.

FrettsForCongress-LP News 2012-06-21

Calen Fretts has made public his response to the 2012 National Right To Life questionnaire. In doing so he continues to exhibit a steadfast commitment to Constitutional principles, States' sovereignty, and individual rights - first and foremost, the right to life free of harm, force, and aggression from others. Fretts firmly believes that Roe v. Wade was incorrectly decided, and that the sanctity of life is best defended when the federal government steps out of the way and allows the States to handle such issues, just as the States determine other questions of criminal justice.


Since we don't take part in the two-party system, we aren't privy to many of the conveniences, such as endless access to the establishment bankroll, that the Republicans and Democrats take for granted. But what we don't have in money, we make up for in heart.

The Liberty network is full of ideas, and all are free to be creative in whatever peaceful and respectful manners they wish. We have also compiled the following ways to help the campaign, which we call the "3P" Call to Action...

Plant Signs

The campaign could benefit greatly from a grassroots sign campaign extolling fundamental Fretts For Congress beliefs: Restore the Constitution, Less Government/More Freedom, Individual Rights/Free Markets/Limited Government, Calen Fretts for the Constitution and Freedom, etc.

Our budget is still small, but ideas are infinitely more powerful than checkbooks. If you can come up with creative Fretts For Congress signs and post them in highly visible/trafficked areas (with permission of course!), you will have done the campaign and the message of Liberty a great service.

If you do, be sure to tell us where... and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ! Here is one possible sign template, but feel free to come up with your own design!

Fretts For Congress yard sign Fretts For Congress yard sign (black)


Back around the time of our nation's founding, American patriots like Thomas Paine - dubbed "pamphleteers" - took it upon themselves to print and distribute revolutionary ideas about freedom.

Fretts For Congress has published our own pamphlets espousing the virtues of Liberty, and now any fellow freedom lover can easily print and distribute these at their own convenience to help spread the message of Liberty here in the Panhandle. Let's harness the Spirit of 1776!

Phone Blast

We will be making calls to voters across the district to inform them about the Fretts For Congress campaign. Contact the Campaign Manager, Pete < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >, for more information.

The new Fretts For Congress tri-fold brochure has just been released! Click the image to download and print:

Fretts For Congress brochure

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