Fretts For Congress in the news, media, etc.

Calen Fretts was mentioned in a story that made the front page of the May 23, 2012 edition of The New York Times.

Calen Fretts is chipping away at Representative Jeff Miller in Florida’s Panhandle...

Calen Fretts was featured in today's edition of the local Bay Beacon newspaper.

FrettsForCongress-The Bay Beacon 2012-05-23

Calen Fretts was featured in the May edition of the nationally distributed Bloomberg Businessweek magazine.

FrettsForCongress-Bloomberg Businessweek 2012-04-30

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FrettsForCongress bumpersticker

FrettsForCongress bumpersticker photo

2011-12-09 Liberty Underground Hour 2

The retransmission of my discussion with Alex and Adrian on the Liberty Underground Show (1787 Network) yesterday. We talked about the Fed, the new NDAA bill, the wars, and a host of other issues regarding the campaign. I went on right around 13:30.

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