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Tuesday, October 9, 2012 @ 7:30 PM CST

Marcus Pointe Baptist Church

6205 N "W" St, Pensacola FL 32505


Confirmed Candidates
  • Calen Fretts
  • Jeff Miller
  • James Bryan
  • William Drummond


Forum Format: Each candidate will have 3 minutes for introduction. Each candidate will have 3 minutes to respond to the questions from the moderator. If another candidate’s name is mentioned in the response, then that candidate will have a 1 minute rebuttal, if desired. There will be 3 questions for each candidate with 3 minutes allowed to respond. The debate will close with each candidate having a 3 minute closing statement.

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Calen Fretts has published his response to the 2012 League of Women Voters of Florida Education Fund questionnaire.


Calen Fretts has made public his response to the 2012 National Rifle Association questionnaire. In addition to his GOA response, Fretts has solidified his claim that he is "the most pro-gun candidate which will be found in this or any other political race."


Calen Fretts has made public his response to the 2012 Gun Owners of America questionnaire, reinforcing his claims that he is "the most pro-gun candidate he knows of." In support of the Second Amendment, Fretts has pledged the following: "When I'm elected to Congress, one of the first things I will do is introduce a bill to preempt all state and federal gun restrictions and restore the natural right of free people to carry openly and Constitutionally."


I'm Calen Fretts, and I want to be your next Congressman. My mission is to restore the Constitution and the spirit of freedom that made this nation great. It is a big task, but one I am up to, or I wouldn't be here.

I'm a Christian, a Virginia Tech graduate in computer science, an entrepreneur and business owner in the web development field for years. Yes, I understand the effort and struggles that go into building businesses from the ground up. Of course, according to President Obama, "I didn't build that!" Right?

I was just married in May, too, so needless to say this is a big year for me. But enough about me.

Let's talk about Jeff Miller for a second. Your Congressman is not promoting an agenda that helps you, and it's time for this district's voters to make a change.

It's too bad I only have a few minutes, because I can barely even list Jeff Miller's poor voting history in that time, much less expound upon it. He talks like a "conservative," but over his last 10 years in Congress he has voted for well over 5 TRILLION dollars in new debt that the American people will be forced to pay. He voted for more than 2 trillion dollars last year alone. That's tens of thousands of dollars per family, and it will crush your and your progeny's ability to have a better life. There is nothing conservative in that.

How about healthcare? Even when it comes to Obamacare, Our Congressman reiterates his intent to "repeal and REPLACE Obamacare." Replace it with what, you might ask? The answer is, whatever version of government healthcare Jeff Miller wants. And the version of government healthcare that Jeff Miller has signed on to includes the Pre-Existing Conditions mandate, by the way. Yes, the same Pre-Existing Conditions mandate that President Obama himself admitted was akin to forcing car insurance companies to provide coverage on vehicles after they are already crashed. This goes down the same hazardous road our President is already driving on. Perhaps we should call this "MillerCare!"

The problem with medical care in this country are laws that prevent competition and drive costs up. This must be addressed as it is the reason both Federal and State governments are being threatened with fiscal collapse. We must allow purchases across state and even international lines. Get DC bureaucrats out of programs like Medicare and Medicaid and let the States handle these issues. Repeal bad laws that prevent hospitals from dealing on an individual basis with those who can't pay for services rendered, instead of forcing all citizens to pay through constantly rising annual rates. The law requires hospitals to treat ILLEGAL aliens who can't pay too! We can't afford this. It must stop.

Defense is a sacred duty of our government. Our Congressman likes to portray himself as a defender of veterans, but massive spending, like we've been talking about, threatens veterans. It cannot be sustained. I sincerely ask the veterans in the audience how many of you fought for massive debt, less freedom, and endless war? Is our military really served best by this Congressman who uses his power to micromanage things like where a headquarters unit should be? And where is Jeff Miller, the Chairman of the Committee on Veterans' Affairs, on holding the government responsible for the victims of tragic suffering and suspected deaths of countless Marines and their families from contaminated drinking water at Camp Lejeune? Our United States military veterans and their families deserve better.

What is the big picture of what Jeff Miller does? He just voted to absolve Big Pharma from lawsuits for any wrongful harm caused by their FDA-approved products, up to and including death. In other words, you do not get your day in court if they harm you. He voted for the NDAA, which allows President Obama to indefinitely detain American citzens without charge or trial. He continues to vote to allow the TSA to search your property, look at, and even touch your naked body as a condition of travel. He continues to vote to allow the government to spy on your communications without warrants via the Patriot Act. He voted for Planned Parenthood/Title X funding, and No Child Left Behind, one of the largest federal Department of Education expansions (and failures) in history. He voted to allow government agencies to fly military drones, which can spy on citizens (or worse), inside the U.S. The list goes on and on. Does this sound like the America the Founding Fathers intended?

Perhaps you have heard of the proposed UN Small Arms treaty. It's an attempt to put us under UN gun regulations. Now that sounds incredibly enraging, but to be honest, I don't really care what the UN has to say about my guns. The UN is completely illegitimate, especially when it comes to the right to bear arms; it has no authority to undermine the Second Amendment whatsoever, and the U.S. ought to get out of the UN once and for all and reclaim our sovereignty! So I say, you want my guns? COME AND TAKE THEM!

For that matter, politicians like our incumbent Congressman like to boast on their token legislations of no substance. For example, you, a free person, are now "allowed" to possess your own firearms in National Parks. Apparently these people didn't get the memo. The Second Amendment clearly says "the right to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT be infringed." You have to get permission from NO ONE, PERIOD! So, you want someone who's REALLY for gun rights? When I'm elected, one of the first things I will do is introduce a bill to preempt all state gun restrictions and restore the natural right of free people to carry openly and Constitutionally.

Government does not give rights and it cannot take them away. We the People established the government, we give it privileges, WE tell it what to do! It gives us nothing, and anyone who tries to tell you otherwise is selling something.

If you call yourself a fiscal conservative, and say you believe in the Constitution and individualism and protection of your natural rights - and you have a public official who has repeatedly violated those principles over the past 10 years - you CANNOT vote for him.

There is much hope, though. Me and my campaign worked hard shaking hands and meeting constituents throughout this year and we got petitions signed to get on the ballot. Jeff Miller was unable to get enough petitions signed and had to pay his way on the ballot!

You are not being served by your current Congressman. He survives politically by pervading the great fiction that taking money out of your right pocket and putting a fraction of it back into your left pocket somehow benefits you. Or the contradiction that you must give up your rights in order to be free. He talks a good game, but it's "all hat and no cattle." If you want a true Constitutionalist, who truly understands Liberty, to go to Washington and actually defend your rights and the Constitution, there is only one man in this race - and you're looking at him. But in order for that to happen, I need your donations - right here, today. I need your support. And I need your vote in November. Again, I'm Calen Fretts. Thank you.


NOTE: the remarks were cut short due to time constraints

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