Don't take it anymore! Say YES to Liberty. No more debt... Vote Calen Fretts!

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The Constitution was written with the intent to put chains on the government, restraining it to only a small number of specifically enumerated powers. Now, though, the roles have been flipped; the government has put the chains on the people and small business with mountains of debt, taxes, authoritarian encroachments, paperwork, and bureaucracy.

I am on a mission to reverse that trend, so that my children and grandchildren may enjoy the blessings of growing up in a free society.

No more compromising individual rights. No more corporatism and socialism in place of free markets. No more status quo authoritarianism. Will you join me?

End the Fed.

End the spending.

End the wars.

End the welfare.

End the despotism.

End the globalism.

Start now.